Campus Photography

The Marketing and Communications photography team is here to make you look good. Our team provides services to faculty and academic departments at Buffalo State to help with a wide variety of needs.

How We Can Help

  • Publication photos
  • Web site images
  • On location - requires scheduling two weeks in advance
  • Studio portraits
  • Studio product photography
  • Digital copy work - from flat-work and three-dimensional pieces
  • 35mm film scanning - from 35mm slides or negatives
  • Digital prints - color and B & W
35mm camera

Copyright Policy

Compliance with copyright laws must be followed, and releases must be provided for all copyright materials before they can be photographed.

Guide for Quality Web Photos

Minimum Image Sizes

Full page width: 1600px wide
Half page width or profiles: 600px wide

Quality Images for Your Site

  • Sharp, not blurry or pixelated
  • Well-lit, not dark or subjects in shadow
  • Selfies don’t work well as the taker often looks distracted and disconnected

Tips for Taking Great Photos

Natural light is best: If the lighting is bad, so will your photo be.

Choose a strong focal point: What do you want your photo to represent? Remember: sometimes more isn’t always better, sometimes, it’s just more.

Orientation: Horizontal photos work best for the web.

Take a step back: Don’t zoom in tight, leave room around your subject for cropping. Your photo may be used in a variety of components which require different sizes.

Be aware of your background: Are there trash cans, clutter, clothing, water bottles, bags, backpacks, food, people walking around?

Change your perspective: Take several photos at a low or high angle, or from the side for interesting images.

Take several shots of the same photo: Sometimes a subject will have their eyes closed, something moves in the background or you get a better photo because the subject changed position.

Project photos: Taking before, during and after photos to show progress adds interest.