Buffalo State College Stationery Program

Buffalo State College offers a cohesive stationery program. The Marketing and Communications Office has developed designs that use official crest marks, typefaces, and colors to further the Buffalo State brand and to ensure consistency throughout the institution.

How to Order

Placing Your Order

All letterhead, business cards, and envelopes must be ordered through Procurement Services. Orders placed outside of Procurement Services will not be sanctioned or approved for payment. 

Procurement Services works with an online ordering system for stationery proofing and orders. Buffalo State orders in bulk to take advantage of cost discounts.

Call (716) 878-4113 for pricing or to place an order for all stationery products.

Custom Orders

Requests for nonstandard or custom stationery orders should be sent to:

Marketing and Communications Office
Phone: (716) 878-4201
Email: marcomm@buffalostate.edu

Letterhead and Business Cards

Academic Departments
A design has been established for academic letterhead bearing a school crest mark signature (e.g., School of Arts and Sciences) and academic departments’ names and addresses. All academic departments follow this format. 

Administrative Offices
Stationery for administrative offices is designed with Buffalo State’s crest mark and allows for the office name and other identifying information. All administrative offices follow this format. 

Letterhead templates featuring the crest mark in MS Word are available for use by faculty and staff. This template is intended for digital document use only and should not replace printed letterhead. 

Using E-Letterhead
Download the e-letterhead template and insert the appropriate office address information in the upper right-hand corner of the document. The typeface used in the e-letterhead is Garamond, which is an official college typeface and a standard font on most computer systems.

Download Buffalo State College E-Letterhead Template (Word)

Academic Departments
Academic departments are required to order business cards with the school crest mark signature (e.g., School of Arts and Sciences). 

Administrative Offices
Business cards for staff members affiliated with administrative offices are designed with Buffalo State’s crest mark.

  • Only personnel listed in the Human Resource Management database may order official college business cards. 
  • Only official college-related information (campus address, telephone, e-mail) may appear on official college business cards. 
  • Personal cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses are not permitted on business cards or other stationery.